Code for: Miller et al. 2021 Bayesian Skyline Plots disagree with range size changes based on Species Distribution Models for Holarctic birds, Molecular Ecology, 30(16): 3993-4004

  • Commented pipeline used to perform the Species Distribution Modelling analyses in R: pdf file

Data for: Leonardi et al. 2018a, Late Quaternary horses in Eurasia in the face of climate and vegetation change Science Advances Vol. 4, no. 7, eaar5589

  • Database of radiocarbon dates associated with horse remains and with archaeological layers where horses have been excavated in Europe and Asia (Table S1): xlsx file.
  • Database of horse frequency with respect to other ungulates in archaeological layers from European sites (Table S2): xlsx file.

Data for: Leonardi et al. 2018b, The female ancestor’s tale: long-term matrilineal continuity in a non-isolated region of Tuscany. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 167:497–506.

  • Mitochondrial DNA (HVRI) from ancient samples from North-Western Tuscany (Lucca province): GenBank
  • Supplementary table 1 containing information on the newly sequenced samples including archaeological site, period, haplogroup and GenBank accession number: xlsx file.

N.B. The mitochondrial DNA (HVRI) from the Etruscan samples has been previously published in Vernesi et al. 2004 and Ghirotto et al. 2013 and should be retrieved from the original studies/authors.