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  • M. Leonardi, G. Barbujani, A. Manica (2021) Genetic demography: what does it mean and how to interpret it, with a case study on the Neolithic transition. In: H. Reyes-Centeno, K. Harvati, G. Jaeger (eds) Ancient connections in Eurasia, Kerns Verlag, Tuebingen. Link
  • P. Gerbault*, M. Leonardi*, A. Powell, C. Weber, N. Benecke, J. Burger, M.G. Thomas (2012) Domestication and migrations: using mitochondrial DNA to infer domestication processes of goats and horses. In: Kaiser E, Schier W, Burger J (eds), Population dynamics in Prehistory and Early History. New Approaches by Stable Isotopes and Genetics, DE GRUYTER 17-29. link *those authors contributed equally to the work
  • M. Leonardi, (2011) The history inside us, in F. Feulner et al. “May contain traces of milk. Investigating the role of dairy farming and milk consumption in the European Neolithic”, University of York. link
  • M. Leonardi, (2011) Die weiße revolution der Jungsteinzeit, in J. Reinhard (ed.): “Milch! Nahrung – Mythos – Politikum”, Jexhof Bauernhof Museum, Fürstenfeldbruck. link

Presentazioni orali

  • M. Leonardi. A Palaeolithic cultural shift suggested by genetic and genomic data, Fourth annual symposium of the DFG center for advances studies “Ancient connections in Eurasia”, 13-16 Dicembre 2018, Università di Tubinga, Germania (invitata).
  • M. Leonardi, G. Barbujani, A. Manica Human genetic diversity and the effects of subsistence strategies, Congresso FISV, 18-21 Settembre 2018, Roma, Italia.
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  • M. Leonardi, S. Ghirotto, F. Tassi, A. Manica, G. Barbujani Testing for the influence of lifestyle on genetic diversity through time, congresso SIBE , 31 Agosto – 3 Settembre 2015, Bologna, Italia, sessione in comune con il congresso AAI “Towards a Next-Generation Anthropology: challenges and synergies. 3 – 5 Settembre 2015, Bologna/Ravenna, Italia
  • M. Leonardi, A. Manica, J. Burger Ancient population genetics: new insights on horse domestication, ISBA 6, 27-29 Agosto 2014, Basilea, Svizzera.
  • E. Heyer, J.-T. Brandenburg, M. Leonardi, B. Toupance, P. Balaresque, T. Hegay, A. Aldashev, F. Austerlitz. Patrilinearity conditions male cultural transmission of reproductive success in Central Asia and impacts genetic diversity, SMBE congress, 8-12 Giugno 2014, Puerto Rico
  • M. Leonardi, M. Fumagalli, M.G. Thomas, A. Migliano (presentazione orale associata a un poster). Adaptation to lifestyle in South-Eastern Asia. EMBO conference: Human evolution in the genomic era: Origins, populations and phenotypes 1-4 Aprile 2014 Leicester, Regno Unito.
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  • M. Leonardi, A. Conzato, P. Fabbri, F. Mallegni, D. Caramelli, G. Barbujani Preliminary analyses of five population samples across 5,000 years in Northwestern Tuscany (Italy) – 51st Symposium and Proffered Papers Meeting “Human dispersals”, Society for the Study of Human Biology, 18 – 20 Giugno 2009, Roma, Italia.


  • M. Leonardi, G. Barbujani, A. Manica. The impact of subsistence strategies on human genetic diversity Evolution 2018 II Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology, 19-22 Agosto 2018 Montpellier, Francia
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